KKU Biological Science

Research Areas


        Biodiversity of freshwater zooplanktons

        Fairy shrimps culture

        Freshwater biology and biological monitoring

        Plant taxonomy and systematics

        Genetics and molecular study of plants and animals

        Animal physiology

        Plant physiology and plant biotechnology


        Protein and proteomics research of plant and animal

        Structure and function of antimicrobial protein and peptide

        Research in plant

        Cancer research

        Food and nutritional biochemistry

        Animal toxin and Its anti-venom

        Enzyme and enzyme technology

        Microbial product and biotechnology

        Bioremediation of volatile organic compound

Environmental Science

       Natural resources management

    +      Salt-affected soil improvement

    +      Birds and habitats

    +     Wetland and constructed wetland

    +     Ecotourisms

       Environmental management

    +    Remediation of heavy metals and pesticide residues

    +     Air quality and greenhouse gases

    +     Energy database

    +     Ecotoxicology of xenobiotics

    +     Wastewater management

    +     Environmental toxicology

       Controlling of Burkholderia pseudomallei using environmental factors


      Fungi (yeasts, molds, mycorrhiza and mushroom)

      Enzymes : cellulases, amylases, proteases, lipase, ligninases, dextranase,



      Antimicrobial compounds against plant pathogens, biocontrol

      Plant growth promoting compounds

      Microbial composting, bio-fertilzer

      Bioremediation of heavy metals, phenolic compounds

      Biofuel: hydrogen production by photosynthetic bacteria

      Biogas production and methanogenic consortium

      High lipid producing microalgae, biofuel

      Diversity of microalgae in river, lakes, water reservoirs

      Toxins from microalgae

      Foodborne infections and intoxications; prebiotics and probiotics