KKU Biological Science



APPLICATION FORMS: The application forms must be completed in duplicate and returned to the Graduate Office, Faculty of Science, Khon Kaen University (SC-KKU) at the address above. Ensure that all supporting documentation is included with the forms when you submit them otherwise your application cannot be processed. Please note that a letter of endorsement from Curriculum Administrative Committee or Head of the Department of the Graduate Program that YOU wish to apply is required.


REFERENCE FORMS: You require two referees, who must each complete “the reference form” and return to YOU in a sealed envelope. Normally your referees should be college or university lecturers or senior project supervisors who have direct knowledge of your academic work. Applicants with relevant work experience may nominate a person with knowledge of their employment activity to act as one of their referees. Remember that it is YOUR responsibility to obtain your references. The two sealed envelopes containing the ‘reference forms’ must be enclosed with your application forms sent by post to the Graduate Office at SC-KKU.


TRANSCRIPTS: Please include transcripts of your studies (official documents setting out details of subjects studied and grades obtained) with your application. If your official transcript is not in English, an official certified translation should also be provided.


ENGLISH LANGUAGE COMPETENCE: Student whose first language is not English should enclose copies of certificates of their English language qualifications (TOEFL/IELTS). Otherwise, an English Proficiency Test will be required.


OUTCOME OF YOUR APPLICATION: The Program Administrators will consider your application and the Graduate Office at SC-KKU will notify you of their decision within 6 weeks of receipt of your complete application. We will notify you of their decision by e-mail.



NOTE: IF YOUR APPLICATION IS INCOMPLETE (i.e., without reference(s), transcripts or English certificate), ITS CONSIDERATION WILL BE DELAYED UNTIL IT IS COMPLETE.